Class trip to England

From Hannah Tödtmann

In April my class and I were on a class trip in England. We started on Sunday morning. We needed 13h to England. During this time, we were for 1h on the boat. In the evening we all met our host family. On Monday we were in Hastings and visited the city, the beach and the smugglers’ caves. In the city we went shopping. In the evening Leonie, Tessa and I met friends and went outside to the beach with them. We had a lot of fun.

On Tuesday we visited London and got lunch packages from our host families. We saw the London Eye, Big Ben and the Buckingham Palace. In the city we had free time and we went shopping with our friends. In the evening we went back to Hastings. On Wednesday we went to Brighton for 2h and took photos of the art trail. After that we had a lot of free time and we went in little groups shopping. The city is very big. My group ate noodles. In the evening we went all home and ate dinner in our host families  We had burgers. On this day we did not go outside but it was okay. We called our friends and families and talked to them.

On Thursday we were also in London. We went across the Themse and saw the Tower Bridge. We walked a little while. We saw a lot of Starbucks there and big shops for shopping. We were also at the Tate Modern Museum and stayed there for 30 minutes. Then we had free time and we all went shopping for lunch. We had to wait for one hour for a boat to take us home and in the bus we stayed there for one hour. It was a long day because we came home at half past eleven in the night.

On the last day, our host families drove us to the bus and we said goodbye. One group went to the fishing museum and the other group to the art museum. Then we had a little bit of free time, and we went for lunch At 14 o’clock we went with the other class into the tea museum. In the museum we drunk a lot of tee and ate some cakes. It was very funny. After this we had free time to, and we went also shopping. At 9pm we got the ferry and sailed for an hour to the other side of the Channel. Then we went home.

All in all, I liked the class trip to England.